Tampere University Library

Usage rights of materials


Many of the materials acquired by the Library have been acquired through the FinELib Consortium of the National Electronic Library. The terms of use for these materials can be found on FinELib's website. Terms of use for other e-materials can be found on the pages of each service provider. Using and sharing of materials should take into account copyright and material terms of use.

Publishers and service providers monitor the use of their online materials. Due to a breach of contract, the University may lose the right to use the services.

  • FinElib Access Rights List.
  • Information on copyright can be obtained from the Ministry of Education and Culture website.
  • In particular, copyright information for teachers can be found in the Operight database.

Scanning and netdistribution of printed material is not permitted without proper permission. 

In general, the user is entitled to:

  • browse and search databases
  • save and print, to a reasonable extent, the search results and individual articles, as well as short extracts from books to your own research, teaching or study purposes

Forbidden is:

  • using robots and other automated methods for systematic searching and storage
  • systematic collection, copying and storage of data
  • gathering and storing large quantities of material
  • the sale or transfer of material to anyone who has no access to such material
  • changing material or software and creating derivative products
  • any commercial use of online material
TAMk linnut


Remote access

The e-resources acquired by the Library can be accessed from computers at Tampere University, Tampere University Hospital and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, usually without logging in. Access is based on IP address authentication.

Remote use of e-resources from outside the Tampere University or Polytechnic is by logging into the Library's search service at TuniLib or Andor with Tuni ID. The staff of Tampere University Hospital needs a separate ID for remote access, which can be applied by online form.

If there is a problem with the remote use of e-materials, please contact the Library by e-mail: kirjasto [at] tuni.fi or with the feedback form.

The e-materials acquired by the Library are available to all customers in the Library's units. Remote access is available for

  • Tampere University and TAMK staff
  • researchers
  • emeritus
  • students of Tampere University or Tampere Polytechnic
  • open University or open Polytechnic students
  • Tampere University Hospital staff

Remote access is not available to customers outside the Tampere higher education community.

Tamk pääkampus hyllyt


Printed material and Kopiosto's digilupa

The Arene Council of the Polytechnics, the UNIFI Association of Finland's Universities and the Kopiosto (copying association) have agreed on copyigng rights for the purposes of teaching, research and administrative use of higher education institutions.

Copying Copy Permission covers

  • partial photocopying and scanning of printed publications
  • copying and recording of free online image and text material for teaching and research purposes
  • copyright-protected material use in flexible and diverse teaching arrangements, such as online and distance learning
  • both domestic and foreign materials

For more information about copying permissions and copyrights, see the Kopiosto page. License rights, and visit www.kopiraitti.fi.

Digital licence is not required for the use of copyright-free works, such as out-of-date licences or Creative Commons licensed materials.