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Tampere University Library

Printed materials

The printed collections of Tampere University Library include course books, general collection books, reference books, newspapers and journals from the University and Polytechnic sciences. For information about printed material and e-books, see TuniLib.

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Course books

Course books refer to books that are valid in the degree requirements. In addition to printed course books, the Library will acquire a corresponding e-book if available.

Linna library acquires material for the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, the Faculty of Management and Business, the Faculty of Education and Culture and the Faculty of Social Sciences. You can find the course book collection and the short loan collection on the first floor of Linna library. 

Arvo library acquires material for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology. The medical doctor's specialization certificate requirement materials are acquired to the general collection. Course books in Arvo are located on the first floor.

Hervanta library acquires material for the Faculty of Built Environment and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. The course books can be found in the general collection. The emblem of the course books to be borrowed is a yellow tape at the top of the book's back. Course books can be found in TuniLib under the title, author and course code (eg. kkMOL-3116). Hervanta library unit also has course books that are available as short loans. They are located on the 1st floor of the Library.

TAMK library units' course books are on the same shelves with the general collection books and they are marked with yellow and orange stickers. The course books are acquired for the degree programs of the Polytechnic.

The loan period of the course books is 14 days. The returning of short term loans is on next business day by 10:00.

General collection


  • The General collection has the largest amount of material in the fields of information sciences, leadership sciences, social sciences, pedagogical sciences, linguistics, literature and history.
  • The collection is mainly located on the second floor.
  • Historical books are placed on the third floor.

Linna school book collection

The books in the Finnish school book collection are used in teaching practice.

  • The school books are on the shelf by subject.
  • Older and lesser used school books have been moved to the storage.
  • The collection is located on the first floor near the course books.


  • The General collection of Arvo library includes the materials of medicine, life sciences and health sciences.
  •  The collection is located in the library hall on floor 0.


  • Hervanta library collections include materials in the fields of architecture, automation, biotechnology, engineering, materials technology, construction technology, electrical engineering, information management, information technology, manufacturing economics and environmental and energy technology.
  • The borrowable books are placed on the bottom floor of the Library.

Hervanta TUT Collection

  • The collection includes TUT's master's theses, licentiate theses and dissertations as well as study notes, institute reports and other university publications.
  • P TUT DI - Master thesis
  • P TTY Lis - Licensed thesis
  • P TUT Tri - Doctoral theses
  • The loan period for master, graduate, licentiate and doctoral dissertations is 28 days. P TUT archives collection's publications are not loaned out (university publications, institute reports, study notes, dissertations and monographs).

Pori collections

  • The Pori designated collections are located in the University Consortium of Pori Library and can not be borrowed in Tampere.


Main campus

TAMK Main campus library collections include material from the fields of technology, business, forestry and the environment, education, nursing, healthcare, bioanalytics, physiotherapy, radiography, laboratory, tourism and rural industries, household and consumer services, nutrition and office services.

Mediapolis library

  • Mediapolis library collections include material from film and television, visual design, digital media, music production and visual arts.
  • The library is located on the 1st floor of Mediapolis.

Music Academy library

  • The collections of the Music Academy library contain material from the fields of western art music, music pedagogy and theater Music.
  • The Library is located on the third floor of the Tampere Conservatory.

The loan period of general collection books is 28 days.

Reference library

The material in the refrence library, among other things, reference books, dictionaries, statistics, bibliographies and official documents.


The reference collection is located on the third floor. The material is mainly read in the Library.

  • In the library database there is a text "night loan" for the books which can be loaned out
  • Linna refrence collection also includes doctoral theses and licentiate theses from tampere University as well as master theses from 2007 onwards. Doctoral theses and theses are not available for loan.
  • Shelf classes of Linna's referance collection


Includes medical matricles and disease classifications. Reference books can not be borrowed.


  • The bottom floor of the Library contains general reference books: standards, general encyclopedias, dictionaries, business and organizational directories, Finnish law and regulations and statistics. General reference books are not borrowed.
  • The reference books for technology and natural sciences which are in general collection can be borrowed.


  • TAMK uses an electronic refrence library; reference books, manuals, dictionaries and directories are purchased as e-books and services. The material can be found for example from subject gides <link to LibGuide>.

New refrence material will be acquired in electronic form if possible. The e-reference books can be found in the Andor and TuniLib search service.



From our Library you can find a comprehensive collection of domestic and foreign printed journals. In addition to the journals, we have major newspapers.

You can find the information of all journals from TuniLib database.

Printed journals can not be borrowed as home loans, but they can be copied and scanned at the library's premises.

From the Newspaper collection, the Linna Library unit, you can find Finnish and foreign newspapers as well as the past years copies of journals.

Printed journals by unit:

• Linna
• Hervanta
• Arvo
• TAMK Mediapolis
• TAMK Music Academy
• Newspaper collection
• TAMK Main campus



In Linna library the main dailies Aamulehti, Dagens Nyheter, Financial Times, Helsingin Sanomat, Hufvudstadsbladet, Liberation, Le Monde, Observer, El Pais ja Die Zeit are available on floor 2 on the building's Kalevantie side. The latest issue is on the cabinet door and inside the cabinet there are the issues of present and previous months. You can read the papers only in the Library.

Newspaper collection and reading room

A large collection of newspapers and their older volumes can be found in the Library's newspaper collection. It is located on the City centre campus, floor 0 of the Main building, along with the Newspaper Reading Room. The collection includes the most important domestic daily newspapers.

The collection is closed to customers and the newspapers must be ordered separately. The ordered newspapers are brought for reading to the Newspaper Reading Room located above the collection, where newspapers can be studied freely in accordance with the opening hours of the building. Newspapers are not allowed for home loaning and they may not be taken out of the reading room. The most prestigious magazines in the collection include: Aamulehti, Helsingin Sanomat, Turun Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat and Iltalehti. A few newspapers are in the collection from the beginning of the 20th century to this day.

The journals are ordered via the a web form or with a paper order form that is left in the reading room, or just by calling the customer service. The customer servant is present three days a week, Monday afternoons (12-15), and Wednesday and Friday mornings (9-12).

In the reading room there are two microfilm readers in addition to the copier, one of which is capable of scanning articles from microfilm to computer. From a computer, scans can either be printed or stored on the usb memory stick. If user guidance is needed for the copier and the microfilm equipment please ask the customer servant during service hours.

The newspaper collection currently has an ongoing subscription to the following newspapers: Aamulehti, Demokraatti, Financial Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Helsingin Sanomat, Hämeen Sanomat, Ilkka, Kansan Uutiset, Kaleva, Karjalainen, Keskisuomalainen, Kymen Sanomat, Lapin kansa, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, Nykypäivä, Pohjalainen, Savon Sanomat, Suomenmaa, Tamperelainen, Tekniikka & Talous, Turun Sanomat. These newspapers are received and added to the collection by months, or half a month folders, depending on the thickness of the paper. 


In Arvo library Aamulehti, Helsingin Sanomat and Mediuutiset are available to the customers. You can read them only in the Library. Aamulehti and Helsingin Sanomat are stored for a week, Mediuutiset for the current year.


TAMK Main campus library has Aamulehti, Helsingin sanomat, Maaseudun tulevaisuus and Kauppalehti in its collection. The newspapers can be found in the newspaper balcony, located to the right of the Library's main entrance.

Mediapolis and the Music Academy libraries have Aamulehti in their collection.

Newspapers are not loaned. 


Newspapers Aamulehti and Helsingin sanomat can be found in the shelves on the ground floor of the library. The newspapers can only be read in the library on-site and have a one-week storage period. In addition, Aamulehti has the a usage rihgt which allows the newspaper to be read online in the campus's ip-area.

Special collections

EU collection

The Tampere University Library is one of the Finnish libraries in the European Union. The printed EU collection of the library is located on the 3rd floor of the Linna library.

The material in the collection is catalogued in Andor and classified. The material of the collection is mainly borrowable, but some of the material is available only in the library.

Take a look at the EU Information Guide.

EU information service

The information service provides small-scale information retrieval based on the information and order of the customer, as well as advises and guides the use of EU sources of information.

EU Information Specialist Miikka Sipilä


There are several special and donor collections in the Linna library. Aramata collection can be borrowed ans the other special collections can only be read in the library's premises. These materials are ordered from customer service.