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Basic information of finding material


We offer all the Tampere community of higher education, for teachers, students and researchers and all our customers the most important electronic and printed resources.

  • books
  • handbooks
  • journals
  • newspapers
  • theses
  • sheet music
  • databases


The usage rights

We are an open scientific library for everyone. Our printed materials are available to all our customers.
Our e-materials can be used by the staff and students of the Tampere higher education community and by the staff of the University Hospital in Tampere, both at the university / hospital network and by remote access. Other customers can use our e-materials on client computers on the library's premises.

Arvo tuolit


Materials can be best found with library search services

  • Andor- search services will find foreign press articles and library collections
  • TuniLib -collection database finds library's printed materials and e-books
  • Databases list you can find all the databases in library's collections
  • E-journals list you can find the e-journals in library's collections

Information seeking guidance

More information can be fround from the guide <linkki>

Location and search services

Our printed material is located at the six different library units in Tampere.

  • Linna ( Social Sciences, Economics, Humanities, Media and Communication )
  • Arvo (Health sciences)
  • Hervanta (Technology and Architecture )
  • TAMK pääkampus (all fields of study)
  • TAMK Musiikkiakatemian kirjasto (Music)
  • TAMK Mediapolis (Media)
Linna keskusta