Kari Koskinen

Professor, Mechatronics
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
| Sub unit: Automation Technology and Mechanical Engineering | Lab or field: Mechanical Engineering
Kari Koskinen

About me

I am working as professor in Mechanical Engineering and I am leading Mechatronics Research Group (MRG) in TAU. My mission is to conduct research in close cooperation with industry in the area of intelligent machines and systems. The objective is to create new knowledge in the area mechatronics which can be applied in real products and processes, but also published in high level scientific journals and conferences.  

Fields of expertise

My research interests are wide-ranging in the are of intelligent machines and systems. My research focus is in mechatronics - especially in design and analysis of complex machine systems my special expertise being in motion control, fluid power systems and high pressure water systems. I am also interested in industrial internet solutions in life-cycle management of intelligent machine and manufacturing systems. 

Underwater robotics and systems is one of my group’s expertise area where we are focusing on research of mechanical designs, propulsion systems and control of different kind of robots. 

We have a long history on research of aircraft systems - especially related on flight control and fuel systems. In addition we do research on system reliability analysis of aircraft systems.

System availability and preventive maintenance is also one of my group’s research focus areas. Our approach is based on knowledge based analytics which combines contextual technical expertise and tools with statistical methods in order to improve predictability of system behavior .