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Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) - pedagogical support to lecturers

Tampere University and TAMK

The aim of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) of the Tampere Universities Community is to support pedagogical competence and development of teachers and lecturers. TLC has a networked operating model. As a network, TLC brings together the pedagogical expertise of the university and the university of applied sciences, as well as the services offered to teachers. An open TLC website also provides a window for outside actors to view the education and training development and pedagogical activity taking place within the Tampere Universities Community.

The TLC website includes everyday issues in teaching, developing as a teacher, the planning, implementation, and evaluation in education. You will find information concerning pedagogical management, and educational support systems and services on the site. The site also features a training calendar that gathers the training offered to the teaching staff in the Tampere Universities community.  TLC website offers an avenue for seeking pedagogical support, and it has a section for publishing blog posts.

In addition, TLC organises seminars where researchers, lecturers and developers of teaching can present, discuss, and further develop the outcome of their labour together. The aim is to make the results of these projects and development work available to the community. TLC Community has a collaborative space on Teams, which provides an opportunity for discussion and collaboration under different themes (SIG groups).

You can suggest new content on the TLC website by e-mail tlc [at] You can submit your pedagogical training and development requests through the Request Pedagogical Support online form, which you can access on the TLC homepage.

The most important instructions and staff training information can still be found in the intranet of the Tampere Universities community.

More information

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK):
Leena Katto, Senior Specialist, Head of TLC (TAMK), leena.katto [at]

Tampere University (TAU):
Sari Leinonen, Senior Specialist, Head of TLC (TAU), sari.j.leinonen [at]

Published: 2.10.2020
Updated: 2.1.2023