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Digital toolkit

Tampere University and TAMK

The Digital Toolkit is a practical resource that offers you information and advice for using a variety of digital tools for teaching, learning and work-related purposes.

You can search tips by tool or by activity. You can find tips and advice for working smarter with some of the common digital tools used across Tampere Universities. If you are unsure which tool to use or how to operate in a digital environment, you can browse the tips and advice based on a specific type of activity.

The Digital Toolkit is a collection of tried and tested methods and techniques from across our university community. You can share your own tips by filling the form on the page. Share practical insights and positive experiences or recommend new digital tools.

Visit the Digital Toolkit:

The website is maintained as part of the digimentor activities of Tampere Universities.


Published: 21.1.2022
Updated: 21.1.2022