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Facilities with equipment for event recording and live streaming

Tampere University and TAMK

Most of the auditoriums are equipped with automated equipment for recording and live streaming events and also with video meeting capabilities: camera and microphones via usb-connection for Teams and Zoom. In auditoriums with fixed recording devices, recordings and streaming can be scheduled on the Panopto video platform. You can also use the Panopto video platform to record and live stream course content on your own workstation.

Some of the classrooms are equipped with so-called lightweight hybrid teaching devices (webcam and speakerphone). The devices can be used with Zoom, Teams and Panopto on your own computer.

Facilities for hybrid participation

Facilities for streaming and lecture capture


Scheduling learning events: Facilities with Capture/streaming devices

When planning courses submit requests for new learning events and corrections to existing events using forms in the university's self service portal (Activity/implementation under Teaching and education). Remember to choose "Lecture capture" as a location feature. If you need to change or cancel capture/streaming activity send corrections from self service portal and to it-helpdesk [at] .

Lecture recordings will be scheduled and recordings will start and stop automatically according to schedules.

If you have already booked rooms for teaching without "lecture capture" option and need recordings, check procedure from streaming and recording individual events

More information about scheduling events


The creation of a course video folder

You can add a Panopto course video folder to your own Moodle course as follows (you will also be assigned the creator role in the Panopto service):

  •     Turn the edit mode on in the Moodle course area.
  •     Click on the Lisää lohko (add block) link in the bottom of the left column (if necessary, open the left navigation column by clicking the menu, hamburger icon, button in the upper left corner).
  •     Select Panopto.
  •     Click on the Provision Course link on the Panopto block that has appeared in the right column.

After the creation of the Panopto block recordings and streaming can be scheduled to classroom recorders


Published: 1.2.2019
Updated: 20.6.2023