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TUNI Groups Education

Tampere University and TAMK

Creating teams in TUNI Groups Education

  1. Access the TUNI Groups portal at Log in by using your TUNI email address.
  2. Click the option for creating a new TUNI Groups Education workspace and enter your team’s name and description in the available fields. *
  3. Wait until you receive an automatic message confirming that the team has been created.
  4. Add teachers to the team.
  5. Prepare teaching materials.
  6. Use the Teams code to add students to the team.

* A group name always has a TG- prefix so that the group can be identified e.g. in the address book. A Group name can include up to 60 characters. If the group name contains scandic letters or special characters, they will be automatically removed from both the group email and url.

Adding students to your team

Teams code

The easiest way to add students to TUNI Groups is to use the Join Code option. 

1. Start Teams, click the three dots next to the team name and select Manage team.

tg education example

2. Select the Settings tab -> Team code -> Generate.

tg team code

3. Copy the code and share it with your invitees.

tg team code

4. Please note that all students and staff at Tampere Universities are able to join teams by using the code. Disable the code after all your students have joined the team. If necessary, you can create a new code.

Adding students and teachers one by one

1. Start Teams, click the three dots next to the team name and select Add member.

tg add

2. Search for the students and teachers who need to join your team and click Add.

tg add students

OneNote Class Notebook

OneNote is a digital notebook made up of sections and pages. OneNote Class Notebook allows teachers to create a personal workspace for every student. It also includes a collaboration space, for example, for assignments and creative activities. Teachers can share handouts and materials through the OneNote Class Notebook. The collaboration space is accessible to both teachers and students and enables them to create and edit content together.

Read more about Class OneNote>>

OneNote Class Notebook has been integrated into TUNI Groups Education. The app can be taken into use by teachers.

1. Start by adding your students to your TUNI Groups.

2. Select the Class Notebook tab and click Set up a OneNote Class Notebook.

tg class notebook

3. The introduction to the Class Notebook lists the available features and describes what students can do with the app.

tg list

4. Click Next on the bottom right corner of the screen.

5. Add or remove sections included in your Class Notebook.

tg private space

You can also add and remove sections afterwards, but it is best to have the structure as finalised as possible at this stage.

6. Click Create.

7. Once your Class Notebook is completed, it will open up in the Teams view.

8. You can manage the notebook and its content on the Class Notebook tab.

tg welcome

9. Click the arrow button to view the structure of your Class Notebook.

tg arrow


tg structure

10. Read more about OneNote Class Notebook >>

Turning in assignments through Teams 

Go to the Assignments tab to create assignments and to share polls and quizzes created with the Forms app with your students. To create a new assignment, click Create -> New assignment.

tg general

Add the necessary details

  1. Select the teams who will complete the assignment.
  2. Enter a title for the assignment.
  3. Enter a category for the assignment.
  4. Choose individual students who are expected to complete the assignment (if only one team is selected in item 1).
  5. Provide more information for the assignment.
  6. Attach the necessary appendices, resources and files.
  7. Select the due date.
  8. Select the schedule of the assignment.
  9. Select late turn-in if you will allow students to turn in this assignment late. Select the amount of points this assignment is worth.
  10. Add a grading rubric to help students understand expectations for the assignment.
tg assignments

You can also enable Turnitin -text originality check in the assignment. Use Turnitin with Microsoft Teams.

Assessing student assignments

Teachers can view and assess submitted assignments on the Assignments tab. Teachers and students can access assignments by clicking Assignments on the navigation bar of the Teams app.

tg assessing

Read more about assignments >>


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