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IT contact persons

Tampere University and TAMK

An IT contact person is a member of staff at a faculty or a University Services Unit who is authorised to place orders for computers, phones, phone plans, software licenses and right-to-use licenses. IT contact persons are allowed to place orders that will be paid for by their faculty or unit. They are familiar with their unit's usual IT needs and the equipment, products Jouniand services provided by the University’s ICT Services. IT contact persons work together with purchasers based at the ICT Services. You can also contact the campus-specific IT Customer Services Managers for more information.

Designated IT contact persons

University Administration and Operations Management and Administrative Services

  • Johanna Hellman
  • Katriina Viljakka

Faculty of Built Environment BEN

  • Hannu Kupila (Civil Engineering)
  • Martti Lamppu (Architecture)

Faculty of Education and Culture EDU

  • Mika Lindqvist (Teacher Training School)
  • Päivi Svärd (EDU)
  • Heidi Jauni (Language center)

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences ENS

  • Ilkka Hirvonen (Physics)
  • Antti Nuottajärvi (Materials Science and Environmental Engineering)
  • Janne Uusi-Heikkilä (Automation and Mechanical Engineering)

Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences ITC

  • Tero Ikävalko (City centre campus)
  • Poika Isokoski (City centre campus, research infrastructure)
  • Jari Salo
  • Kari Suomela

Faculty of Management and Business MAB

  • Sari Kinnari

Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology MET

  • Pasi Kauppinen (Vaccine research)

Faculty of Social Sciences SOC

  • Jouni Keskinen (City centre campus)
  • Riitta Rantala (Kauppi/Arvo)

Tampere University Library

  • Matti Lassila
  • Marko Rinne

Education and Learning

  • Marleena Yli-Äyhö
  • Jaana Kunnari (backup)

HR Services

  • Saija Palovuori-Moisio
  • Nina Majamäki

Financial Services

  • Sari Kinnari
  • Jukka Kaipainen

Finnish Social Science Data Archive

  • Katri Aarnio
  • Ari Paloposki
  • Timo Henriksson

Research Services and Innovation Services

  • Jenni Häkli

Communications and Marketing

  • Marika Vapaala-Riikonen
  • Mika Puonti (backup)

Working Life Relations and Continuous Learning

  • Raisa Heinola
  • Mika Vainio




IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at]


Published: 25.4.2019
Updated: 20.10.2022