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Using student computer labs

Tampere University and TAMK

Using Windows computers in the computer labs
Printing, copying and scanning
Computer lab etiquette
Service requests and defect reports
Temporary visitor user account

Tampere Universities maintain computer labs and other teaching facilities where there are computers available for use by students.

The general computer labs are available to all students of Tampere University and TAMK. In addition, there are computer facilities managed by individual units and faculties that are only available for use by students who are enrolled in a specific programme or are attending a specific course.

As a rule, the computers are generally equipped with Windows 10 and you log on to them with your TUNI email address. There are some exceptions to this rule, for example, in some computer labs intended for special purposes. In these cases your teacher will provide more infomation.

Using Windows computers in the computer labs


Log on to the computers with your TUNI email address.

Disk space and storing your files

OneDrive for Business is available for storing files. It is your personal storage space included in Microsoft Office 365. The advantage of using OneDrive is that it allows you to easily access your files from home and on a mobile device. OneDrive also offers you more storage space than the P: drive. To take OneDrive into use, go to the Start Menu, start OneDrive and log on with your TUNI email address and password. You can also access OneDrive via a web browser.

The P: drive is your personal space on the University storage system. Only you have access to your P: drive. When you work on the campus computers and save files to your Desktop or My Documents folder, they will actually be saved on your P: drive under the folder StudentDocuments. You can also use the root directory of your P: drive to store files and create new folders. You will be able to access these files from any computer lab on the campus.

If you studied at the University of Tampere (UTA), Tampere University of Technology (TUT) or TAMK before the establishment of Tampere Universities, your previously stored files will have been copied to the following storage locations on the P: drive. You can transfer these files to either OneDrive or the P: drive to make them more easily accessible.  

  • Files of students of former UTA: P:\EDU_HOME
  • Files of students of former TUT: P:\INTRA_HOME (files stored on the Desktop are stored in the folder Documents\Desktop)
  • Files of students of former TAMK: P:\TAMK_STUDENT_HOME

You can store temporary files in the Temp folder on the C: drive. Please be aware that other users of the same computer will also be able to access this folder, and the files can not accesssed from other computers. The Temp folder may be automatically emptied at any time. You could use the Temp folder, for example, to download non-confidential files from the web. 

Printing, copying and scanning

The multifunction devices located in the general computer labs and along the hallways are available to students to print, copy and scan documents. To print on a computer, select the SecurePrint print queue: then you will be able to release your print job at any of the multifunction devices across campus.   

Computer lab etiquette

The computer labs are shared workspaces for students. They are quiet environments designed for working, so observe the following guidelines:

  • Access the computer labs with your personal access card. Do not let others tailgate you into the room unless you are sure they are authorised to use the facilities.
  • Do not wedge open the doors: the hinges will bend and the air conditioning system will not work as effectively.
  • Do not enter a computer lab where a class is taking place.
  • Work quietly: leave the room to talk on the phone.
  • No food or drinks are allowed.
  • Use the computers only for study-related purposes.

Service requests and defect reports

About computers: contact the IT Helpdesk.

About the presentation technology: contact the info desk staff or the IT Helpdesk.

About facilties: contact facility services.

Tenporary visitor user account

Logging in to computer labs is possible only with the personal TUNI user account. For visitors a personal visitor user account can be created for short-term use. It can be requested from the campus info desks. This arrangement may be necessary, for example, if a person outside the Tampere Universities community needs access to a computer to show the presentation. The person in charge of the visitor cannot display the presentation with their own TUNI user account.

IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at]

Published: 12.6.2019
Updated: 14.3.2022