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Heli Lehtivuori

Research Specialist
Research and Innovation Services | Research Development

About me

I work both at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS) as a Research Specialist and as a Specialist on research infrastructure at Tampere University


As Research Specialist: 

  • support and develop the research activities of the ENS faculty by acting as an assistant and working partner of the vice dean of research
  • Participate ENS faculty administrative tasks related to RDI activities 
  • Support and assist ENS researchers in applying for external funding, i.e. AKA, EU Horizon Europe, BF, Foundations 
  • Information and data collection on research -related issues at ENS faculty
  • Development of communication in ENS faculty; Member of the ENS Communication Group
  • Processing the research permits related to ENS faculty.

As Specialist: 

Top achievements

My background is in natural science research (dissertation, 6/2010), teaching (teacher pedagogical studies, 5/2013), and research coordination & management (4/2018-). I have authored three dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles and presented in numerous scientific meetings and conferences. I have lived in five different countries and made several short-term visits to various European countries and the United States. My communication skills are developed as a result of living and working in international and multidisciplinary communities. 

Latest publications