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About me

I hold the positions of Associate Professor of Marketing (tenure track) at Tampere University, and Docent at Lappeenranta technical University. Previously I worked as University researcher (2017-2022) at Turku School of Economics, TIAS Research Collegium Researcher at University of Turku (2014-2016), and as a Postdoctoral Researcher at TSE (2008-2013). 

Fields of expertise

My research focuses to Business-to-Business marketing and selling. Specifically, my research expertise relates to four domains of 1) business relationships and their management, 2) value-based marketing and sales, 3) digital and social media marketing and sales, 4) B2B customer experiences and CEM. 

My research has been published in leading general and B2B marketing Journals such as Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (AJG4*; FT50), MIT Sloan Management Review (FT50), Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management and Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing. 

I’m an editorial board member in Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing. My teaching involves advanced-level courses as well as supervision of masters and doctoral theses in marketing.

Top achievements

I have received awards for my research and teaching activities, including best paper of Journal of Service Management in 2021, conference best papers awards in AMA and ANZMAC conferences as well as Turku School of Economics teaching award based on student feedback. 

Selected publications

My most recent publications 2020-2023:

Terho, H., Salonen, A., & Yrjänen, M. (2023). Toward a contextualized understanding of inside sales: the role of sales development in effective lead funnel management. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 38(2), 337–352.

Terho, H., Mero, J., Siutla, L., & Jaakkola, E. (2022). Digital content marketing in business markets: Activities, consequences, and contingencies along the customer journey. Industrial Marketing Management, 105, 294-310.

Terho, H., Giovannetti, M., & Cardinali, S. (2022). Measuring B2B social selling: Key activities, antecedents and performance outcomes. Industrial Marketing Management, 101, 208-222.

Suoniemi, S., Zablah, A., Terho, H., Olkkonen, R., Straub, D., & Makkonen, H. (2022). CRM system implementation and firm performance: the role of consultant facilitation and user involvement. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing. 37(13), 19–32.

Keränen, J., Terho, H., & Saurama, A. (2021). Three ways to sell value in B2B markets. MIT Sloan Management Review, 63(1), 64-70.

Jaakkola, E., & Terho, H. (2021). Service journey quality: conceptualization, measurement and customer outcomes. Journal of service management. 32 (6), 1-27

Suoniemi, S., Terho, H., Zablah, A., Olkkonen, R., & Straub, D. W. (2021). The impact of firm-level and project-level it capabilities on CRM system quality and organizational productivity. Journal of Business Research, 127, 108-122.

Salonen, A., & Terho, H. (2021). Salesforce Transformation to Solution Selling. In The Palgrave Handbook of Servitization (pp. 343-354). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Salonen, A., Terho, H., Böhm, E., Virtanen, A., & Rajala, R. (2021). Engaging a product-focused sales force in solution selling: interplay of individual-and organizational-level conditions. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49(1), 139-163.

Böhm, E., Eggert, A., Terho, H., Ulaga, W., & Haas, A. (2020). Drivers and outcomes of salespersons’ value opportunity recognition competence in solution selling. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 40(3), 180-197.

Keränen, J., Salonen, A., & Terho, H. (2020). Opportunities for value-based selling in an economic crisis: Managerial insights from a firm boundary theory. Industrial Marketing Management, 88, 389-395.