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About me

I am an Academy Research Fellow and adjunct professor, working in the intersection of culture and economy. I currently work as an Academy Research Fellow at the Tampere Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication, at Tampere University. My research interests include economic elites, cultural analysis of capital, consultocracy, contemporary cultural formations as well as university autonomy in the postdemocratic age. My specific interests in literature include collaborative writing practices and literary appropriations.

I am a member of the Academic Board at Tampere University, the editor-in-chief of the journal Kulttuurintutkimus and a founding member of Helsinki Centre for Global Political Economy .

For recent publications, see below.

Selected publications

My recent publications in English (for Finnish publications, see my profile in Finnish):

2023. Institutionalising family legacy, reproducing dynasties. In Michael Carney and Marleen Dieleman (ed.), Handbook of Business Families. Berlin: De Gruyter.

2023. Inheriting a dynasty: Family succession dramas and the moral economy of Downton Abbey. European Journal of Cultural Studies (Online first).

2023. Better than the markets. Mutual fund managers’ perceptions of the rich. Sociology. (Online first.). DOI: 10.1177/00380385231159001

2023. Unpolitical solutionism: Wealth elite sentiments against democracy and politics. (Together with Anu Kantola.) British Journal of Sociology. (Online first.)

2022 "The Hyperopia of Wealth: The Cultural Legitimation of Economic Inequalities by Top Earners." Socio-Economic Review. 20:2, 515–538.

2020. Role of Ownership in Creating Top Incomes: Top 0.1% of Earners in Finland. (Together with Anu Kantola). In Marlène Benquet & Théo Bourgeron (eds.), Accumulating Capital Today. Contemporary Strategies of Profit and Dispossessive Policies. Routledge.

2020. From democracy to managerialism: Foundation universities as the embodiment of Finnish university policies. Journal of Education Policy. Together with Poutanen, M., Tomperi, T., Kuusela, H., Kaleva, K. & Tervasmäki, T. (Online first.) 

2018 "Consultocracy and Its Discontents: A Critical Typology and a Call for a Research Agenda". Together with Matti Ylönen. Governance. Online first, 30 September, Open access:

2018 "Learning to Own. Cross-Generational Meanings of Wealth and Class-Making in Wealthy Finnish Families". Sociological Review. Online first, published May 23th.

2018 "Wealth Elite Moralities: Wealthy Entrepreneurs’ Moral Boundaries." Together with Anu Kantola. Sociology. Online first, published May 17th.

2018. "Literature and participatory culture online: literary crowdsourcing and its discontents". Critical Arts.South-North Cultural and Media Studies. Published online 12. Jun. 2018.

2017 ”The Material Trajectories of Cultural Texts. The Bookseller of Kabul and the Ahistoric Women of Afghanistan.” Critical Arts. South-North Cultural and Media Studies.

2016 ”Collective Writing Projects Online and the Challenges of the Promise Economy.” Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies 93, volume 31, number 3, 65-97.

2016. Like “Any Muslim Family That Has Moved to Finland”: The Fallacy of Realistic Reading Practices in the Reception of Parvekejumalat by Anja Snellman. Scandinavian Studies, Volume 87, Number 4, Winter 2015 pp. 489-513.

2016 ”Publisher, Promoter and Genius: The Rise of Curatorial Ethos in Contemporary Literature.” Teoksessa Annette Gilbert (toim.), Publishing as Artistic Practice. Sternberg Press.

2016 “The Forms and Uses of Contemporary Books. Studying the Book as a Mass Produced Commodity and an Intimate Object.” Transformations, Issue no. 27.

2015 ”From Texts to Art Through Appropriation. The Figure of the Author in Finnish Literary Appropriations.” In Nathalie Collé, Monica Latham, David Ten Eyck (eds.), Book Practices and Textual Itineraries 3 / 2013. Nancy: Presses universitaires de Nancy.

2015 Collaborative Processes and the Crisis of Attentiveness. RUUKKU Taiteellisen tutkimuksen kausijulkaisu / RUUKKU Studies in Artistic Research / RUUKKU Tidskrift för konstnärlig forskning, 4/2015,

2015 Writing Together. Mapping the Terrain of Contemporary Collaborative Writing. Scriptum. Creative Writing Studies 2/2015.

2013 On the Materiality of Contemporary Reading Formations: The Case of Jari Tervo's Layla. New Formations, Number 78, Summer 2013 , pp. 65-82(18)