Erkki Levänen

Professor, keraamimateriaalit
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
| Sub unit: Materials Science and Environmental Engineering | Lab or field: Engineering Materials Science (EMS)

About me

I am doing my work with close collaboration with industry by utilizing latest discoveries of natural sciences. My research focus is in advanced ceramics and the processing of them from particles to structures and surfaces with extreme performance. The research is aiming to industrial competence of companies, high impact research and publications and also education of multitalented scientists and engineers at the field of materials science. 


Head of the the Engineering Materials Science which is sub-unit of Materials Science and Environmental Engineering (MSEE) 

Group leader of advanced ceramic materials

Fields of expertise

Ceramic materials, nanomaterials,functional ceramics, engineering ceramics, plastic deformation of nanoceramics, functional surfaces, supercritical carbon dioxide assisted processing, 3D printing of ceramics, colloidal processing, laser assisted processing etc.