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Anna Salomaa

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

About me

I currently work at the Academy of Finland project LONGRISK as part of Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen’s research group.

My background is in interdisciplinary environmental sciences and ecology. My key research interest is in how knowledge regarding nature could benefit transformative change. I have studied interactions between knowledge and policy, science-policy organisations, and sustainability transformation/transition. Often research has involved collaboration with practical partners.

Previous research

Project links

Research topics

Research fields

environmental social sciences

Selected publications

Salomaa A. & Juhola S. 2020. How to assess sustainability transformations: a review. Global Sustainability 3, e24, 1–12. 

Salomaa A. 2018. Co-production for fundamental changes: a response to Sutherland et al. Oryx 52(4): 617. 

Paloniemi R., Hujala T., Rantala S., Harlio A., Salomaa A., Primmer E., Pynnönen S., Arponen A. 2018. Integrating Social and Ecological Knowledge for Targeting Voluntary Biodiversity Conservation. Conservation Letters 11(1):1-10. 

Salomaa A., Paloniemi R., Kotiaho J.S., Kettunen M., Apostolopoulou E. & Cent J. 2017. Can green infrastructure help to conserve biodiversity? Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space 35(2): 265–288. 

Salomaa A., Paloniemi R., Hujala T., Rantala S., Arponen A. & Niemelä J. 2016. The use of knowledge in evidence-informed voluntary conservation of Finnish forests. Forest Policy and Economics 73: 90–98.