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Anna Kork

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tampere University
phone number+358503185987
Kauppi Campus

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher (PhD in Administrative Sciences) in health policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences  

Research topics

My research interests include decision-making, public accountability and improvement of healthcare. I'm currently studying the role of information in sustainable policymaking and the mechanisms of effectiveness in reforming public services.

Research unit

Health in society; Sustainable Welfare Systems

Research fields

Health Policy, Administrative Sciences

Research career

Previously I have been working on various research and development projects focused on public sector management, impact evaluation and value co-creation.

Selected publications

Kokko, P., & Kork, A. A. (2020). Value-based healthcare logics and their implications for Nordic health policies. Health Services Management Research, 0951484820971457.
Andreaus, M., Dati, G., Costa, E., Antonini, C., García-Torea, N., Larrinaga, C., Luque, M., Vinnari, E., Kork, A. & Devigili, D., (2019). MULTI-ACT Master Scorecard
STAR Collective; coordinators Chatzivgeri, E., Crawford, L., Gordon, M. et al. (2020). Accounting and the mitigation of the resource curse : exploring the efficacy of the EU law concerning reports on payments to governments in country-specific contexts across the EU. Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs , (57pp). ISBN 9781902384139
Nordin Patrik, Kork Anna-Aurora, Koskela Inka. (2017). Value-based healthcare measurement as a context for organizational learning: adding a strategic edge to assess health outcome?. Leadership in Health Services 30 (2). 
Kork Anna-Aurora, Vakkuri Jarmo. (2016). Improving access and managing healthcare demand with walk-in clinic: Convenient, but at what cost?. International Journal of Public Sector Management 29 (2), 148-163. 
Kork Anna-Aurora, Mänttäri Pietu, Vakkuri Jarmo. (2015). Complexities of productivity policies in the Finnish public sector - knowing how to do more with less?. Financial
Accountability & Management 31 (4), 395-414.