Anna Elomäki

Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Social Sciences
| Sub unit: Unit of Social Research

About me

Anna Elomäki obtained her PhD in Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki in 2012. Her research focuses on the intersections of gender, politics and the economy: gendered character and impacts of economic policies and governance, economization of gender equality policies in Finland and in the EU, gender budgeting, the changing conditions of feminist movements, and theoretical questions about gender, neoliberalism and economization. She works as a senior researcher in the ERC project "Gender, party politics and democracy in Europe: a study of European Parliament's party groups."

Previously, Elomäki worked at the University of Helsinki as Academy of Finland post-doctoral researcher with a project “Equality for growth and competitiveness: Economization of gender equality policy and advocacy in the European Union“. Elomäki has worked as a consultant on gender equality, for example, she led a “Gender Equality in the Budget” research project (2017-2018, together with Hanna Ylöstalo) funded by the Finnish government.

Elomäki’s publications include ”Economic case for gender equality in the European Union: Selling gender equality for decision-makers and neoliberalism for women’s movements” (European Journal of Women’s Studies, 2015), ”Feminist struggles in the triangle of neoliberalism, conservatism and nationalism” (Social Politics, 2018, with Johanna Kantola), ”Governing austerity: Governance reforms as facilitators of gendered austerity in Finland” in (Australian Feminist Studies, 2019), and ”European social partners as gender equality actors in EU economic and social governance” (Journal of Common Market Studies 2020, with Johanna Kantola).