University management

The top management of Tampere University is made up of the Board, President, Vice Presidents, Provost, Academic Board and Deans. More information and contact details can be found further down this page.


The Board of Tampere University Foundation operating as Tampere University comprises the following members:

Ilkka Herlin PhD, Chairman of the Board of Cargotec Corporation

Vice Chair
Professor Emeritus Kimmo Kontula, University of Helsinki

Board members
Anne Jalkala, DTech, Vice President, Innovation and Venturing, Fortum Oyj
Professor Johanna Kantola, Tampere University 
Professor Jari Kinaret, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
Professor Pirkko Liisa Raudaskoski, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
Student of social sciences Iiris Suomela, Member of Parliament

Tampereen yliopistona toimivan Tampereen korkeakoulusäätiön hallitus

Presidents and Provost

President Mari Walls

Before joining Tampere University in autumn 2018, Mari Walls PhD served as president and CEO of LUKE Natural Resources Institute Finland. Walls wrote her dissertation on ecological interactions and, after receiving her PhD from the University of Turku in 1989, went on to pursue postdoctoral research at the University of Cornell in the USA. Walls has worked as the director of the Marine Research Centre in the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, as professor of biodiversity and environmental sciences at the University of Turku, and as programme director at the Academy of Finland. Walls has served on the Board of the University of Oulu and on the Supervisory Board of the Finnish Cultural Foundation, among other things. She has been a member of the Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Biosciences and Environment and of the steering group monitoring the Academy’s 2016 review of the state of scientific research in Finland. Walls has participated in reviewing the public research system in Portugal, forest research in Canada and the activities of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development FORMAS. She has also been a member of the Panel for Helsinki University Change Review.

Executive Assistant Lotta Isotalo

Provost Jarmo Takala

Before taking up the position of provost at Tampere University, Jarmo Takala DTech served as vice president for research at the former Tampere University of Technology (TUT), as dean of the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering and as head of the Department of Computer Systems. He has also occupied research positions at Nokia Research Center and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Takala has led numerous national and international research projects. He headed TUT’s international master’s programme in information technology and participated in setting up a bachelor’s programme in information technology and electrical engineering at TUT. Takala is an active member of international scientific associations dedicated to the advancement of information technology.

Assistant Johanna Hellman

Vice President for Research Juha Teperi

Before his appointment as vice president for research at Tampere University, Juha Teperi MD served as dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the former University of Tampere and as dean of the School of Health Sciences, directed an innovation programme in Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and headed numerous research and development units operating in the fields of social services and healthcare. Teperi has participated in the drawing up of Finland’s national innovation strategy. In addition, he has worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and led an R&D unit in the Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center in Japan. Teperi’s research interests cover a broad range of topics in health policy, social and healthcare services and the assessment of methods in healthcare.

Assistant Johanna Hellman

Vice President for Education Marja Sutela

Prior to her appointment as vice president for education at Tampere University, Marja Sutela DSc (Admin) served as vice president for education and RDI at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, overseeing seven fields of study, more than 50 degree programmes and related RDI activities. Sutela has previously worked as professor of public law, assistant professor and researcher at the universities of Joensuu, Tampere and Lapland. She holds docentships in the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Vaasa. Sutela has more than a decade of experience in developing education, implementing new operational models and carrying out organisational reforms.

Assistant Johanna Hellman

Tampereen yliopiston rehtoristo ja provosti

Academic Board

As set out in the Finnish Universities Act, the Academic Board is a multi-member governing body that represents the entire university community. Members of the Academic Board:

Provost Jarmo Takala

Vice Chair
Professor Eeva Moilanen

Mari Hatavara
Arto Haveri
Jussi Heikkilä
Hannu-Matti Järvinen
Arto Laitinen
Eeva Moilanen
Jaakko Puhakka
Mikko Valkama

Teaching and research staff
Hanna Kuusela
Riikka Lahtinen
Kirsi Lumme-Sandt
Erja Sipilä

Other staff
Ismo Isopoussu
Mervi Jokipii

Student representatives 
Janne Kajander
Mikko Kauhanen
Mikko Lampo
Annika Nevanpää
Ilona Taubert

Chief Specialist Kirsi Reiman is responsible for the preparation of documents ahead of the Academic Board’s meetings.

Ryhmäkuva Tampereen yliopiston konsistorista


Juho Saari, Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC)

Martti Kauranen, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS)

Antti Lönnqvist, Faculty of Built Environment (BEN)

Päivi Pahta, Faculty of Education and Culture (EDU)

Matti Sommarberg, Faculty of Management and Business (MAB)

Tapio Visakorpi, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET)

Jyrki Vuorinen, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC)