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Quality Management in Tampere University

Quality Management aims to support the core tasks of Tampere University and strengthen their impact in accordance with strategic goals and University values.

University President has outlined the basic principles of quality management at Tampere University (TAU) in May 2019. At Tampere University, quality management means continuous knowledge-based improvement of operations according to the so-called quality circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act, PDCA).


The President oversees quality management and has nominated the university executive group as a steering group for quality wrok. The responsibilities in quality work are in parallel with the management system. Managers, staff, and students are responsible for the quality of their operations and their development. Deans and managers oversee quality management in the faculties and units they lead. Staff and students are represented in the planning groups of degree programmes, faculty councils and the Academic Board. The Provost oversees practical planning and implementation of quality work. The President reports annually to the University Board on the efficacy of the quality management system. 

As for degree education, the Provost has specified in 2019 the quality management responsibilities and procedures. Heads of  degree programmes oversee the quality and continuous improvement of their programmes.


Tampere University (TAU) was founded in 2019 as Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the University of Tampere (UTA) joined. In Finland, universities are responsible for evaluating their education, research, and artistic activities. Legislation also states that universities must regularly participate in external evaluations. The results of the evaluations, internal and external, are to be published. TUT and TAU had their quality management systems audited in 2014 and 2015.

Tampere University (TAU) is committed to national and international quality management principles and guidelines. Next National Audit by Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) is held on 10–11 May 2023. FINEEC is listed in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR), which is the list of trustworthy quality assurance agencies in the European Higher Education Area. FINEEC is also a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).

The predecessors of Tampere University – Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere – received the HR Excellence in Research awards already in 2014 and 2015. Tampere University was granted the award on 2021. The first Action Plan of the new university is largely based on the development targets that emerged during the merger process.

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Quality Management in Finnish Higher Education Degree Education is based on the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education Area (ESG). For further information on quality assurance in Finnish higher education, please see the European Commission run EURYDICE database. Finnish HE degrees are portable as Finland is part of the European Higher Education Area, adheres to the Bologna Process, and employs the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, which helps students move between countries and to have their academic qualifications recognised across Europe and elsewhere. For further information about the system, please see the relevant European Commission website.

The University is committed to national and international principles of responsible science. The University complies with the open science alignment adopted by the Academic Board and carries it out according to a separate action plan. The University is committed to the guidelines of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity. As a signatory of the international DORA Declaration (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment), the University is committed to improving the ways in which the output of scientific research is evaluated to make such assessments more open and transparent.

Research assessment

The latest research assessment exercises conducted in the former universities, 2014 at  University of Tampere and 2017 at Tampere University of Technology, pinpointed several world-class research groups, and research communities with high potential.

The universites received many useful suggestions and they have since been put in to practice to enhance the scientific excellence. The results of the evaluations and information gathered for it have been utilised in strategic planning, profiling and decision-making of both universities as well as in the planning of the new Tampere University.

For more details, please see the Final Reports of the assessments:


Provost Jarmo Takala, jarmo.takala [at], +358 40 541 6897
Development Manager Leena Ahrio, leena.ahrio [at], +358 40 190 1535

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