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When the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology merge on 1 January 2019, we will form the new Tampere Universities community with Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The spearheading fields of the higher education community are health, society and technology. The strength of the community lies in the multidisciplinary cooperation between these fields.

Together, we are building a globally oriented research university that promotes processing the results of basic research into new applications with the help of innovations and technological design.

Donations support us in the work towards our goals. By donating to the university, you as a community or a private person can be involved in creating scientific breakthroughs and new knowledge.

Over the years, our current donors have laid the foundation for the success of the new university. The proceeds of the capital will fund new research openings and learning.

The founding capital of the Tampere University Foundation is invested responsibly and with discretion.

Thanks to our donors!

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