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"Tampere University values the well-being of its students" - student ambassador story

Published on 7.3.2022
updated on 7.3.2022
Tampere University
Picture of student ambassador
Student ambassador Yuki is originally from Japan. She thinks Tampere is a great student city.

Tell us about yourself and your studies

I'm from Japan and I have been in Tampere since August 2021. I visited Tampere as a tourist once before my academic life start. The first impression was that Tampere is a comfortable and suitable city for students. It is not too big like Tokyo or New York, but it has enough facilities, great nature, and lovely people.

I study Gender Studies. I feel that Tampere University respects the will of its students very much. After I enrolled, I learned that there are many different learning styles at Tampere University. For example, you can choose independent study instead of participating in weekly lectures. This indicates that students have choices on how do they continue their studies. In most cases, students are expected to learn under various academic pressures, but I believe that Tampere University values the well-being of its students.

Can you share us your experiences on Tampere and Finland

Tampere has a huge number of students so it is easy to interact with many students from different fields. Also, you can basically go anywhere by bus, and the rather new tram is even more comfortable!

My favorite place in Tampere are its lake! Visiting lakes and breathing fresh air relieve the weariness.

What would you say to someone planning to study and live in Tampere?

I truly recommend Tampere as your new life stage. Tampere's life, nature, people, and food will all bring a new breeze into your life!


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