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"Tampere University has a very well structured Public Policy programme" - student ambassador story

Published on 12.11.2021
updated on 7.3.2022
Tampere University
Faculty of Social Sciences
Student ambassador Sibi
Student ambassador Sibi comes from India. He studies Public Policy Analysis at Tampere University.

Tell us about yourself and your studies

I am from Chennai, which is in the southern part of Indian. I'm here to pursue my Masters.The primary reason I choose Tampere University for my Master's Program was the high academic standards that the University upholds, and to experience life in one of the best administered countries in the world.

I study Social Sciences (Public Policy Analysis). I was passionate about economics as a subject domain since the optional course that I took in my bachelors. To formally study economics and upskill myself to contribute to government policy actions in India, I felt that the Policy Program at Tampere would be a apt pursuit.

 Tampere has been a very pleasant place thus far, and feels like a good example of how an urban space can be organized.

Can you share us your experiences on Tampere and Finland

I'm a policy student and I aspire to think of bettering public systems. That being the case, Finland is a very good choice to start with as they've established one of the best governance models in the world. I believe merely living here would give me good insights into how a robustly functional public system works. That apart, Tampere University has a very well structured Public Policy programme and counts among its ranks some high profile Social Scientists.

I've registered with SportsUni, which is a sports club aligned with the University. I also like exploring the city. Tampere is full of beautiful structures and parks. My favorite hangout zones are the parks, where I usually take long walks in solitude.

What would you say to someone planning to study and live in Tampere?

One aspect that students planning to move to Tampere should be aware of is that the Programs at the University are academically demanding. Further, while the cost of living isn't very high in comparison to European standards, it can be quite a sum for students from South or Central Asia, therefore budgeting one's stay beforehand is a must.


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