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"Tampere has taken a big place in my heart" – student ambassador story

Published on 24.10.2018
updated on 4.2.2020
Tampere Universities
Mariana Perez Zamora
Student Ambassador Mariana Perez Zamora comes from Mexico. She has been living in Tampere since 2016.

How long have you been in Tampere and what brought you here originally?

After meeting my Finnish girlfriend on exchange while we were both in Taiwan, I decided  to move to Finland to start my bachelor's studies in Tampere. I have been living in Tampere for over two years now. It is easy to lose track of time, as little by little Tampere has taken a big place in my heart.

What subject do you study and how did you choose it?

Currently I am starting my third year of studies here. I decided to study International Business. I have always been interested in the internationalisation of businesses. Now my interest has deviated into how we can create growth in startups and established companies through digital marketing.

What do you most like about Tampere and Finland?

Tampere is a city like no other. First let’s talk about efficiency. I love the size of the city, which allows me to go by foot or bicycle anywhere. Commuting time is extremely short, and traffic barely exists. Tampere is a growing city and that is very exciting. I feel that this city is always on top of the game, always looking for ways to improve. Upcoming changes include the tram and the push to develop Tampere as a smart city. Something I have learned here in Finland is the importance of collaboration. From educational perspective, universities are now joining forces to a single community, comprising Tampere University and University of Applied Sciences. This allows students to even further, personalise their education. From business perspective, there are a lot of organisations, such as Y-kampus, Tribe, Tampere ES and Business Tampere offering support for students, entrepreneurs and startups. The startup community at Tampere is so interesting with events such as Mindtrek and Stream. Both of these ecosystems are in constant collaboration and in my opinion, they have been the source of great ideas.

What about your hobbies in Tampere or in Finland?

At the university they have a sports club called Mahti which has many different sports such as basketball, football, futsal etc. My favorite is basketball and it's nice to meet people outside my degree group who have similar hobbies.

What would you say to someone deciding whether Tampere is the right place to come to study and live?

You will never know until you come here and try! But also, here in Tampere there is a whole support network ready to help you. Approach the university where you want to study and they will help you with your concerns. You want to start a new business, approach an organisation such as Tribe or Business Tampere to look for help. You can even approach me if you want to learn more about my experience!


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