"Tampere is a city where you can easily live the best years of your life” - student ambassador story

Picture of student ambassador
Student ambassador Alberto fell in love with Tampere during his exchange studies. He is now studying in the Leadership for Change programme.

How long have you been in Tampere and what brought you here?

My story begins in 2018 when I was accepted to come to do my exchange. I wanted to explore a completely different culture and climate. I must say that I fell in love with the city.

What subject do you study and how did you choose it?

I study a Masters Degree called Leadership for Change in the modality of European and Global Politics. I studies Politics as minor in my previous studies in Journalism and I wanted to give it a good try.

What do you like most about Tampere and Finland? What has been the most surprising or different thing about living here?

Finland, and Tampere in particular, are really pleasant places to live. The society is calm, respectful and you feel very safe. The sunlight, the weather and the social interactions are definitely different than in Spain, yet not in a negative or positive way. Just different!

What are your hobbies in Tampere? Have you tried out any new hobbies after coming here?

I often go and ride my scooter around Tampere to get relaxation after studying and working. During the summer I have gone very often to lakes to enjoy the feeling of connecting with the nature around. Hiking around is also a great activity I've come to do here more often.

What would you say to someone who's trying to decide whether Tampere is the right place to come to study and live?

You would never regret that choice. Tampere is the perfect city to learn and enjoy during your studies. You will find a city where you can easily live the best years of your life.

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