TAMK's services to businesses

TAMK is a skilful partner in business and work community development. Our extensive expert network and inventive students are available for you. You can give us individual commissions or conclude a long-term and multidisciplinary development partnership. We also organise staff training for work communities.

Education for work communities

See our extensive continuing education provision. If you do not find a suitable continuing education for your work community, we will tailor it for you.

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Development services

We offer extensive expert and development services for companies and work communities.

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Laboratory services

Our laboratories offer product development, analysis and measurement services for both companies and private persons.

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Recruit students

You can recruit students to trainees, part-time work and thesis or other projects. Find a competent student!

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Do you need a place for your event? We rent facilities for meetings, seminars and celebrations at TAMK’s main campus.

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