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The international dimension of TAMK's operations is one of the elements that strengthens the appeal aa well as the competitiveness of the Tampere region. Investigate our international operations in all their variety!

Very good international student satisfaction

Scandinavian countries scored exceptionally well on international student satisfaction survey made by StudyPortals in 2016. The survey established how international students value European higher education. Tampere University of Applied Sciences was ranked among the top ten Finnish higher education institutions.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

TAMK has been awarded an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) which allows TAMK to take part in the European Commission's Erasmus+ Programme for 2014-2020. By accepting this Charter, TAMK is committed to following the basic principles and terms of the Programme as well as the Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS) represented in the ECHE application.

Studies in English and exchanges

Degrees and extension studies

Looking for practical, professional higher education?

TAMK offers a wide repertoire of studies where the language of teaching and learning is English. We offer English-language bachelor's degreesmaster's degrees and vocational teacher education. We also provide extension studies for people already in working life who want to expand their professional competence – while networking with other professionals in their field.

Tampere Summer School

Do you want to experience the Finnish white nights, and learn something new about your own field, Tampere and Finland? Take a look at our course selection and join the Tampere Summer School!

Exchange studies

Get unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships abroad – not forgetting the boost to your professional skills and know-how. Your exchange studies may consists of courses, a final thesis or project work.

Practical training

Why not to do your practical training in Finland? TAMK has cloes ties with companies and organisations in the Tampere region; foreign students are most welcome to do their practical training here.

Double degrees

We have six double degree agreements with our partner universities. With double degree programmes students complete part of their studies at a foreign partner university. When graduating, double degree students get two diplomas, one from TAMK and another from the partner university.

Global education

TAMK's international business operations include export of education. We provide education and consulting services to international groups worldwide, both in Tampere and online. TAMK has a special unit – TAMK Global Education – which is responsible for developing and marketing international study programmes for export. Education export provides TAMK and its partners with unlimited opportunities for growth and development in today's rapidly evolving global economy.

Research and development

TAMK takes part in numerous international R&D and other projects. We also provide services for foreign companies; we can facilitate your company's entry into the Finnish market, or its expansion into markets worldwide. We have outstanding expertise, especially in our strategic focus areas.

International strategic partnerships

TAMK does extensive cooperation with three university partners.

Bilateral agreements have been signed with Hanzehogeschool Groningen in the Netherlands and Hochschule München in Germany.  

Together with The Hague University of Applies Sciences in the Netherlands, TAMK also collaborates within The Hague network, in which five other universities participate: Masaryk University  in Czech Republic, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany, University Francisco de Vitoria in Spain, University of Derby  in United Kingdom and University of Cagliari in Italy.

The partnerships have been sealed with a five-year agreement covering multidisciplinary cooperation in the fields of education and RDI as well as benchmarking, evaluation and co-development.

Exchange partners, mobility programmes, and other networks

Exchange partners

We have about 350 exchange agreements with foreign universities. We also do a lot of project work with these partner universities. You can find our partner universities in the SoleMOVE system by choosing "TAMK" from the list of institutions and then clicking "Exchange Destinations Abroad and Feedback" from the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Go to SoleMOVE.

Key data sheet

The key data sheet includes basic information about TAMK for our international partner universities.

Mobility programmes

TAMK takes part in several mobility programmes, including Erasmus +, Nordplus, North-South-South, First, the China Programme for Educational Cooperation, and Science Without Borders. For more information about these programmes, please visit  the Finnish National Agency CIMO and the European Commission. 

Membership of international networks  

TAMK belongs to the following international networks:

TAMK student - Be International!

As a TAMK student, you can complete part of the study requirements for your degree in another country. Why not spend a semester (or more) studying at one of TAMK's partner universities. Or you could find a practical training placement anywhere in the world, and earn credit at TAMK for the work you do there.

Teacher and staff exchange

TAMK is active in teacher and staff exchanges, both in-coming and out-going. Furthermore, it is possible to visit TAMK on a bilateral basis, outside any programme; all we need is an Agreement of Mutual Interest. We are happy to receive visitors from companies and other organisations as well. Also, take a look at the International Weeks that we arrange annually.


Read our blogs to find out about international events at TAMK, and see how our exchange students are getting on.

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Ask about our international activities from our international staff. We are happy to help!

International Services

We serve students, teachers and partners in all matters concerning TAMK's international cooperation. We are responsible for the administration of student and staff mobility programmes, exchanges, and other international partnerships.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
International Services
Kuntokatu 3
FI-33520 Tampere, Finland
Fax: +358 3 245 2360

Head of International Services
Kirsi Jokipakka
+358 40 837 3061

International strategic partnerships
Clémentine Arpiainen
Project manager
+358 406 603 424

Education Export

At TAMK Global Education Services we offer modern, high quality and innovative education worldwide. Please, contact us for more information.

Carita Prokki
Kuntokatu 3
FI-33520 Tampere, Finland
+358 40 733 5650

R&D and Innovation

Perttu Heino
Director, R&D
Kuntokatu 3
FI-33520 Tampere, Finland
+358 50 401 2168