TAMK Main Campus

The main campus is the beating heart of TAMK. Up to 8,000 people work and study there daily. The main campus is located on Kuntokatu in the Kauppi area of Tampere, about three kilometres from Tampere's main railway station.

Location and contact information

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Kuntokatu 3
FI-33520 Tampere

Phone number
Switchboard +358 (0)294 5222

Location, Google Maps

Campus map:

Due to tramway construction, there are temporary arrangements for the traffic in the area. Please be careful when moving about the campus.

TAMK main campus map

TAMK Main Campus map (pdf)


The campus can be reached with several buses. The name of the bus stop is TAMK (shown on some buses as "Kissanmaan koulu") or TAYS. There are large construction sites around TAMK's campus and therefore also changes in the bus routes. Please check the right routes and timetables at Tampere Public Transport Journey Planner.


Parking at the main campus requires a valid parking permit.  Parking spaces are separately assigned for students, staff, and visitors. The parking areas at the main campus can be seen on the campus map.

Visitor parking is chargeable.

Visitors may park in the marked parking area for visitors. The fee in this area is 2.50 e/hour on Monday–Friday at 8:00–16:00.

Payment is only possible with the Easy Park and Parkman mobile applications. Parking areas monitored by traffic wardens.


The buildings of the Main Campus are accessible for people with restricted mobility.  Most classrooms can be accessed by lift. The Kuntokatu 3 building also has wheelchair ramps.

Opening hours

The Kuntokatu campus main entrances are open on Monday–Friday at 7:45–18:00 and on Saturdays 8:30–15:00. Outside these hours, access is by electronic key only.

If you need any help regarding the access to the buildings, please contact:

  •     Janitors' emergency number: 03 245 2112 (first call this number)
  •     Security company's emergency number: 010 443 6100

The costs of the security company may be recovered afterwards from the user of the service.

Studying at the main campus

The whole campus consists of two sites facing each other on opposite sides of the road (Kuntokatu 3 and Kuntokatu 4).  The campus offers studies in:

  • technology
  • health care and social services
  • business administration
  • forestry
  • business information systems
  • service business
  • vocational teacher education

The main campus is a meeting place for students of many nationalities and from all fields of study, which greatly enriches the study experience. Hundreds of foreign degree students and exchange students from all around the world bring an international ambience to the campus. A real buzz can be felt when students from different fields of study and different countries work together in projects or to plan and organize events.

The campus has a wide variety of learning environments, where students develop professional skills on the learning-by-doing principle: laboratories, simulation rooms, multi-purpose learning spaces – and also traditional classrooms.

One of the latest multi-purpose learning spaces is the Y-kampus, which is a learning hub for entrepreneurship studies. Y-kampus is an inspiring environment, open to all students of Tampere Universities community.

Health care students can practise their skills in the Clinical Skills Centre together with medical students and professionals of the field. The Clinical Skills Centre is located in the Arvo building next to Tampere University Hospital (address: Lääkärinkatu 1).


You can find study-related support services along the so-called "Service Street":

  • ICT Services/Helpdesk
  • Library (Tampere University Library TAMK Main Campus unit)
  • Study Services
  • International Services
  • Student Recruitment Services

Further more, there is a bookshop at the Teiskontie main entrance.


At the main campus and in its vicinity there are restaurants where you can have meals at the discounted student rate.

At the Kuntokatu 3 site, the Campusravita restaurant serves lunch, evening meal, and snacks. The restaurant is also open on Saturdays for lunch and snacks. The Kuntokatu 4 site has a restaurant called Pirteria. There are also other restaurants in the vicinity which give student discounts: See restaurants in the Finn-Medi area.

Sports services

TAMK Sports Arena is located at the main campus area (Tekunkatu 5). It serves students and staff members of TAMK as well as Tampere University. Further information on sports activities and facilities at www.sportuni.fi.

Wireless network

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences offer guests wireless internet access across their campuses. As these networks are not available to all, users need to log in either with their home institution’s username and password, if their home institution has joined the roaming service, or through a temporary guest account.

Wireless networks available on all our campuses:

  • Eduroam: international roaming service. Log in with your home institution’s username and password.
  • Roam.fi: Finnish wireless access service. Log in with your home institution’s username and password. 

 Campus-specific wireless guest networks:

  • Hervanta campus: TUT network, please contact your host to receive a guest account 
  • City centre campus: utapac network, please visit the IT Helpdesk to receive a guest account
  • Kauppi campus: utapac network, please visit the info desks or the IT Helpdesk to receive a guest account
  • TAMK main campus: TAMK-GUEST network, please visit the info desks or the IT Helpdesk to receive a guest account

For more information, please see IT instructions > Networks


Facilities for rent

You can find information on facilities available for renting at Facility Rental and Event Services.