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Ecological responsibility

Our goal is to create solutions to overcome climate change, preserve the natural environment and consider the well-being of the environment and biodiversity in all our activities.

Carbon neutral universities community

Tampere Universities have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030. Both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have made this commitment. 2030 is also the Tampere region’s target year for achieving carbon neutrality.

Carbon footprint calculations

Calculating the carbon footprint of the Tampere Universities is a central step towards carbon neutrality. The first carbon footprint calculation covered the year 2019, and its results were finalised in autumn 2020. In the future, the calculation process will be repeated annually. The Carbon Neutral Universities group, which includes representatives from different functions of the Universities, supports the calculation task.

In addition to the footprint calculations, the carbon neutrality work continues with mapping and impelementing ways to reduce the footprint. Along with this, discussions about compensations concerning the remaining footprint will be started. Moreover, a roadmap is drafted to support the carbon neutrality work.

Tampere Universities Carbon Footprint 2019: Carbon Calculation Report

How do Tampere Universities intend to compensate their emissions?

Emission offset is necessary to achieve carbon neutrality. Compensations are currently a complex issue which is why it is important for the universities to collaborate to find scientifically sound emission compensation possibilities.

At Tampere Universities, the main goal is to reduce emissions soon, which means that emission offset is not relevant in the community for the time being.

Chairs of the Carbon Group