"Studying here is great!" - student ambassador story

Student ambassador Natalia
Natalia studies Human-Technology Interaction. She appreciates the low hierarchy at the university.

Tell us about yourself and your studies

I'm from a small town called Neuquén, just at the beginning of the Patagonia, in the south of Argentina. During 2020 I decided I wanted to continue studying so I looked for different options, I found about Tampere University and applied to it. I arrived to Tampere in mid July of 2021.

I am studying a Master's Degree in Human-Technology Interaction under the Computing Sciences field. I chose it because I found the program really interesting, it is a multidisciplinary approach where a lot of different specialists can work together so you can learn so much from your colleagues, I love it!

I have been studying in Tampere for a short time but I can already say that studying here it's really different. Team work is always appreciated, most of my assignments required me to work with classmates. Another interesting thing is how easy is to approach professors, there is this feeling that we are all equals no matter what is our role at University.

Can you share us your experiences on Tampere and Finland?

Tampere is a really student friendly city, everywhere you go, people will try to help you even in those situations where is hard for them explain you something in English. I had some great experiences where people taught me how to use the computers, printers, borrow and return books at the Public Library for example, with so little English. I think one of the most surprising things is that one, that everyone will make everything to try to help you. Also, it is amazing how close you can be to the city and at the same time be around of so many forests and lakes, it is really easy to just walk 10-15 minutes from your home and be in a middle of a forest!

One of my favourite places is a small lake called Isolammi, it is a beautiful place, so relaxing, I love to go there to read, walk around or just sit and enjoy the landscape.

I have joined some student organizations so I try to join their activities every time I can. I also go to the SportUni gym, it is a great place to do exercise and fun activities with others. Lastly I really enjoy to go for walks in nature, it is something that I found so relaxing.

What advice would you give to someone planning to study and live in Tampere?

I will tell all of them that there are a lot of things and activities one can join as a student. At Tampere University there is good balance between free time and studies, at least all my teachers are always advising us we should take some time out to enjoy so I think you all will really enjoy your studies here. You can always get support if you need something, so you should really try it! Tampere is one of the most students friendly cities. Studying here is great!

Photo: Jonne Renvall

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