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"Students in my program really form a community" - student ambassador story

Published on 21.12.2020
updated on 26.11.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Social Sciences
Picture of student ambassador
Student ambassador Elia has been in Tampere since autumn 2020. She studies Global and Transnational Sociology.

How long have you been in Tampere and what brought you here?

I have been in Tampere since the end of August 2020, I came here to pursue the Master's program in Global and Transnational Sociology after doing a bachelor's in Social Sciences. I chose Tampere mainly for the master's program, but I also heard great things about Tampere from my Finnish friends, so I was confident that this was a great decision!

What subject do you study and how did you choose it?

I study Global and Transnational Sociology because it is a unique program that allows me to study a wide variety of modern phenomenons, especially globalization, through the prism of social sciences.

What do you like most about Tampere and Finland? What has been the most surprising or different thing about living here?

What I like about Tampere is the nature and the beautiful architecture of the old factories and the brick buildings. I was always told that Finns were cold, but everyone here was actually very welcoming and willing to help me at any time. I am also very excited about the outside rinks that are all around the city when winter comes, and just thinking about going to the sauna afterwards is filling me with joy and comfort.

What are your hobbies in Tampere? Have you tried out any new hobbies after coming here?

In Tampere, I joined a synchronized skating team. I've been doing figure skating for some time and I always wanted to try synchronized skating, so being in Finland where this sport is very developed was the perfect occasion, so I tried out for an adult team and I made it! I'm really glad I am with this team. We are doing around 4-5 competitions a year and it's a great way to get to know people, everyone is very helpful and willing to explain to me everything. I got to travel a little around Finland with the team, so I'm very excited to see what's next! I also take more breaks in the nature and take my time to walk in forests and around lakes, which is the perfect break for studying.

What would you say to someone who's trying to decide whether Tampere is the right place to come to study and live?

Even though with the Covid-19 situation, my experience may be different from other years, I'm really enjoying Tampere and the program. I would also add that the students in my program really form a community and it is really comforting and stimulating, both academically and on a personal level. There is never a shortage on things to do, one thing is for sure, you'll never get bored!


Photo: Jonne Renvall

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