"People here are super friendly" - student ambassador story

Student Ambassador Sarah studies in the PEACE programme.

Tell us about yourself and your studies

I am from Germany and have been staying in Tampere for about a month and a half now. I chose to come to Tampere because I thought the way of studying at our university really works for me and the Research institute TAPRI is directly connected to the university. I am studying Peace Research. I chose the subject because I want to work in the human rights area later. I specifically chose the subject at this university because I think the focus of everyday peace is really important in establishing a safe and stable environment for everyone.

I am only in the beginning of my studies but so far the most important things I learned are that conflict is constant part of our lifes and therefore we should look at peace as everyday practice. Conflicts and wars are always more complex than any meadia leads us to think and one should always be critical and do their own research.

Can you share with us your experiences of Tampere and Finland?

The location of Tampere city is great. There are lots of things to do here in nature all year. It is a nice city with beautiful buildings in the city centre and lots of nice parks and cafés to spend time in. It also has a fun nightlife to offer for students. The people here are super friendly and helpful and I have felt very welcome.ITampere is also close to other cities like Turku or Helsinki for a short weekend getaway. I was mostly surprised by how friendly everyone here is. Sometimes people in other countries react annoyed when you don´t speak their language but here this has never been an issue for me.

I spend my time exploring the city and going for long walks in the forrests near the numerous lakes in and around Tampere. I love to hang out by the lake and enoy the sunshine there and nature but when weather is getting colder I am on the hunt for my favourite coffee place.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying and living in Tampere?

Don´t be scared of the cold weather. I think all the positive aspects about Finland, Tampere and Tampere University, nature and people definitely outweigh the cold weather. And don´t stress about not being able to speak Finnish. People here are very good English speakers and understand that their native tongue takes time to learn.


Sarah studies Peace Research at Tampere University. Chat with student ambassadors to get further information about student life and programme specific information regarding Tampere University. Visit study with us page, for specific eligibility criteria and admission dates.


Photo: Jonne Renvall