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"Learning has never been so fun" - student ambassador story

Published on 9.11.2021
updated on 26.11.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Management and Business
Safety and Security
Student ambassador Eda
Eda studies Safety Management & Engineering at Tampere University. She is happy to help you with any questions you might have on studying here.

Tell us something about yourself and your studies

I am from Turkey. I have been in Tampere since the beginning of August 2021. The worldwide reputation of the Finnish education system, welfare, and secure environment was irresistible during my master's program applications.

I came to Tampere to study for a Master's degree in Safety Management & Engineering. My Bachelor`s degree is in Aerospace Engineering, and after graduation, I worked for two years on safety-related projects. After I found myself having fun while working on these topics, I decided to attain an international experience to broaden my perspective. This led me to pursue a Master's program in the field of safety engineering. Tampere University was offering a great opportunity to primarily focus on these areas. Also, figuring that Tampere City is the most student-friendly city in Finland, I had to apply for this program. Happily, I got accepted to Tampere University and I started a new journey in this lovely city.

Can you share us your experiences in Tampere and Finland

Although I have been living in Tampere only for two months, I am already feeling calmer and peaceful. I am far away from the inconsistent and overwhelming previous university environment. I can comfortably say that learning activity has never been so fun and permanent.

If you want to live in an industrial city that not only fulfills your any kind of needs but also offers a stunning natural environment, fascinating lakes, and forest just 5 minutes away from wherever you are, then Tampere is the best place to live and study. The most surprising thing is the interior house design for me. Windows have two glasses one after the other, dishes are dried on the upper rack of the sink (not next to it), and doors can be locked just by clicking a button without using any key. All these took time to get used to.

What would you say to someone planning to study and live in Tampere?

Depending on which country you are coming from, living expenses might be a bit challenging, however the university offers different types of scholarships such as early-bird. These are really relieving opportunities, so make sure that you follow the university page frequently. You should also talk with current students or alumni to make sure that your expectations and services provided are matched. They can even help you with which type of outfits you should bring with you. Needless to say, once you moved here, you will start planning to stay longer here. If you have any questions about the university, city, and Finland, feel free to contact me.


Photo: Jonne Renvall


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