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"Just be enthusiastic" - student ambassador story

Published on 12.11.2021
updated on 26.11.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Student ambassador James
James is a bachelor student in the Science and Engineering programme.

Tell us about yourself and your studies

I am from Nigeria. I have been in Finland for 7 month and I am currently in the Science and Engineering bachelors degree. I got to know about the programme through my older brother who also studied in Tampere University.

Studying at Tampere University gives me a brighter and colorful perspective and this is associated to the diversity in culture of the people. It has also given me the opportunity to know more about the Finnish culture which is quite fascinating for - especially the language.

Can you share us your experiences on Tampere and Finland

The educational system here is top notch. Tampere is full of students so I see a feel a lot of student 'vibe' and 'energy'.

My hobbies here include for example football and dance studio. These places give me the freedom to express myself without judgment or some sort of validation.

What would you say to someone planning to study and live in Tampere?

You will definitely enjoy you study and living so far you keep an open mind. Just be enthusiastic.


Photo: Jonne Renvall

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