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"I am sure you will love this place as much as I do" - student ambassador story

Published on 9.11.2021
updated on 26.11.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Automation Technology
Student ambassador Andrea
Andrea comes from Guatemala. She studies in the Master's programme Factory Automation and Robotics.

Tell us something about yourself and your studies

I am from Guatemala and I arrived to Tampere in August. I am passionate about robotics and I was searching for a Master's degree on that field, while searching I found the amazing opportunity of studying at Tampere University. From the beginning I fell in love with the laboratories at campus and the courses topics of that degree, I also felt that he university's culture was in line with my personal values. I was fortunate enough to be offered a 100% tuition fee scholarship, so it was the perfect fit and I couldn't be happier. I think robotics is the future and it's a very entertaining one and I would love to work on research and development of that field.

One of the greatest things of Tampere University is it's vision towards internationalization. In the few weeks I have been studying here I have met people from so many different cultures, all at one place sharing similar goals. Just getting to know different perspectives opens your mind in a way difficult to describe. We all come from different backgrounds but still we have so much in common.

Can you share us your experiences on Tampere and Finland

Tampere is such a beautiful city. I love nature, forests, lakes and all things related. Tampere has 30 lakes where you can swim and lots of forest, you can inhale peace everywhere you go. Even if you start feeling a bit overwhelmed due to the changes that living in a different country implies, you can always take a break near a lake and feel whole again. Besides that, it is very nice that around 90% of people in this city speaks English. It helps on making the transition to a new culture more smooth. I really want to learn Finnish, but meanwhile I know I can always find an English speaker to ask questions on how the Finnish culture and the Finnish system works. I always wanted to live in a place near nature but at the same time near the city so you don't need to travel a long distance to buy things, study or work. Somewhere were everything you need is at a walk-able distance and you can go by bike anywhere. I didn't know Tampere was precisely that magical place.

My favourite places in Tampere at the moment are: Ahvenisjärvi and Suolijärvi beach. Ahvenisjärvi because is very near, it has benches and a walking track surrounding the lake. Is lovely to see the ducks swimming. And, Suolijärvi because it's a very nice place to swim or two watch the sunset from the decks. It also has a long track surrounding the lake so it can also be a great place to go for a walk and exercise.

In the mornings I like to workout at TOAS gym. In the afternoon after my lectures I would probably hang out with some friends, go for a walk at Ahvenisjärvi or join an event from a guild. I enjoy visiting new lakes or going for a hike at a new forest, I even have my bucket list of places I want to visit in Tampere. I love to swim so I would probably start visiting Hervanta swimming pool.

What advice would you give to anyonne planning  to study and live in Tampere?

Do not hesitate! You will always find somebody willing to help you and show you around, even somebody willing to help you with your Finnish learning. Just make sure to pack some warm clothes and I am sure you will love this place as much as I do.


Photo: Jonne Renvall


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