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Finding your professional strenghts is important

Published on 20.12.2019
updated on 20.12.2019
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Our International Export Competence training students, Mila Salmi and Monir Mozunder share some of the great things that they have learned during their studies at TAMK.

International Export Competence is a training which provides students with competence in internationalization requirements, strategic planning of international sales and marketing, and systematic implementation of the internationalization process in new markets. The training is targeted to immigrants with a higher education degree and it is executed in cooperation with TE-Services.

Before moving to Finland Mila worked in logistics in Ukraine. She tells that her studies at TAMK have given her confidence that she can become employed in Finland. Mila also adds that she has learned a lot about herself, her professional skills and what she can do.

“After Tuomo Soini’s class, I realized that when you know yourself better you understand that ‘I can do this’” Mila says.

The IEC studies have also given confidence to Monir who is a pharmacy graduate. He says that the studies have covered subjects from all his previous work in the UK. Monir thinks that in addition to learning a lot about international marketing and making contracts he has learned about his values.

“I’ve also learned how to apply my skills. I think I would also be more comfortable to tell about them in interviews.” Monir adds.

Learning to understand their professional skills has been important to both Mila and Monir. Understanding how to apply her skills and knowledge in new professions has affected Mila deeply.

“When I moved to Finland I began to look for all kinds of jobs. After one month, TE-Services called me for this course’s interviews. Here I’ve realized that I can be in ‘my place’ again.”

She says that she is very thankful for the opportunity to continue her education and that is gives her the feeling of freedom to do anything.

On the picture: Mila second from the left and Monir firs from right.