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Never stop learning

Continuous Learning

The need for continuous learning affects us all and will change our society more than we can imagine. We want to stimulate discussion and debate about continuous learning and encourage you to forget your previous conceptions about higher education when reflecting on the future of learning. What if formal degrees were not the only measure of our skills? What if learning occurred through a variety of open platforms? Could professional networks contribute to teaching and learning? What are your thoughts about continuous learning and the future of education? Welcome to explore the changing world of continuous learning – we will all become lifelong learners in the future.

Nationwide shift to continuous learning – also in the higher education sector

The transformation of the world of work is no longer looming on the horizon but is already here.  As bold reforms are needed in the higher education sector to secure the availability of skilled workforce and the continued existence of our welfare state, Tampere Universities have published a statement calling for an overhaul of higher education in Finland.

There are no ready-made answers – we must create them together. We encourage all stakeholders from different facets of society to join our efforts to usher in a new era for our world-renowned higher education system.

Statement from the Tampere Universities community: “Higher education in its current form will not be enough to close the skills gap"

Join our development projects

The development of continuous learning solutions is a collaborative effort. Let’s join forces to bring together learners, employers and stakeholders across the higher education sector to promote and develop continuous learning!


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AI-assisted identification and development of skills

We are piloting Headai’s AI-powered tool for identifying strengths and skills.

Read more about how AI is making students’ competency profiles compatible with job market needs

The Pilkahdus network anticipates the skills needed in the future

The purpose of the Pilkahdus network is to identify future skills needs and develop solutions for meeting these needs. We manage the network in cooperation with the Council of Tampere Region.

We are looking for new employer representatives to join the network. Get in touch with us if you are interested!



Bazaar matches students and professionals with employers. It provides a window into the skills and expertise of individuals across the Tampere University community, our alumni and stakeholders as well as employers.

The development of Bazaar is underway.

Mies käyttää tietokonetta kuulokkeet päässsään.

Accelerating the digital transformation of education

Digitalisation facilitates the flexible and individual development of professional competencies. Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University have initiated the digitalisation of education and launched agile pilot projects in digital education.

Welcome to join us!

Welcome to join us in developing a model for lifelong guidance and support. You can also join our network of experts in lifelong career guidance and career development. We offer a variety of professional development opportunities for companies and organisations. Three examples are provided below. Join us!

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Lifelong support and guidance – together towards the future

Continuous learning reshapes our understanding of the lifecycle of our skills. Learning is a never-ending process. In the future, we will all need lifelong guidance to support our growth and development.

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Pilot projects support continuous learning

We are carrying out bold experiments relating to the transformation of education and working to bring together professionals, students and organisations. We are also looking into new ways to support and guide individuals through the path of continuous learning.

Join the debate!

Continuous learning is a hot potato in current debate in education. We @TampereUni and @TAMK are committed to promoting continuous learning.


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Social media

Join us in discussing the development of continuous learning and the demand for continuous professional development on today’s world.

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Get in touch

Continuous learning activities are developed across the Tampere Universities community within the framework of a five-year project funded by Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture. The project is carried out to build a local ecosystem for continuous learning.

The project is headed by Heli Harrikari and the team members include Katariina Yrjönkoski, Mira Valkonen, Kirsi Hanhisalo, Clémentine Arpiainen and Katri Viitanen.