TAMK's educational provision

TAMK's educational provision is diverse and extensive. We offer a range of educational choices to meet different competence needs and to facilitate the participation of students in different life situations.

According to the terms of its operating licence, TAMK is responsible for providing education in nine fields of study: Agriculture and Forestry; Arts; Business Administration; Education; Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction; Health and Welfare; Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS); Services; Social Sciences.

In degree-awarding education, you can study either full-time, or part-time alongside work. The bachelor's degree is a higher education qualification providing professional expertise for working life. Bachelor's programmes can be completed in four years on average. The master's degree programmes are shorter and are typically completed on a part-time basis alongside work.

The Open University of Applied Sciences is, as the name suggests, open for all. You can develop your competence through part-time studies, one course at a time. At the same time, you can try out bachelor's degree studies on a small scale before applying for a whole degree programme.

The Professional Teacher Education and Special Needs Teacher Education programmes lead to a pedagogical qualification which entitles you to teach in universities of applied sciences, vocational institutions, the adult education sector, and the general education sector. 

Other extension studies offer a range of possibilities to upgrade prior competence: the possibilities range from short courses on special themes to longer MBA programmes.